I have written a short articles. Grammar is not my strongest point so I am wondering whether someone will be kind enough to read my articles (added below), from a viewpoint of my grammar. I tend to struggle with my tense. I am too close to these documents in order to provide a proper review.


Science has proven that the particles that make up the universe around us come from the collapse of a quantum wave. This wave contains possibility and probability and as such doesnít follow the accepted Newtonian approach to predictability and repeatability. Within the quantum realm nothing is pre-determined and everything is possible. As this wave produces the environment within which we live, it follows that nothing is pre-determined in life and everything is possible.
An extremely interesting fact about the quantum wave is that it doesnít collapse itself; an external force is required. A third party makes a reality request which forces the quantum wave to produce the desired outcome. A something or someone is required in order to turn the infinite number of possibilities into a single tangible result.
Without this request there remains nothing but opportunities and nothing is real until a request has been made. This fact is extremely important and is vital to understanding how life manifests.
Nothing is predetermined or set in stone. Reality is created not from a random generator but from requests made by a something or someone. There is an enormous amount of stuff going on behind the scenes. There is so much more than what we see and feel.
This something or someone is us! We collapse the quantum wave into what we experience on a daily basis. All of our lives are governed by rules of uncertainly, possibility and probability where anything and everything is possible.
As it is us who tell the quantum wave how to collapse we tell life what to bring us. Outside forces such as other people's opinions and lies can, and do, influence what we ask for but at the lowest level we alone create reality. Although external people or situations affect our choices we have the power of veto. We have the final say. We tell the quantum wave how to collapse so we are the ultimate masters of our own destiny.
This is a massively misunderstood area, which is the reason why the illusion that we have no control exists. This is why we have invented concepts like coincidence, luck and fate. If we want to have then we must embrace this fact by knowing that we can have. Reality follows our lead so we must go first. When we do this we become empowered and we are able to create anything we dream, desire and aspire.
The requests that we make are based upon what we know, or at least believe, to be true. It has always been and always will be this way. External influences only affect our reality when we let them. With a poor understanding of what is actually going on these outside stimuli become very powerful as we do nothing to stop them.
The past and the present reflect what we have asked for and the future is going to be the same.
This is how it is!
Unless we take control of what we ask for we will remain in whatever situation we currently find ourselves in. The quantum wave is happy to provide anything so without a change we will continue to experience more of the same.
If we have not got something we want or have something we donít then it is because of that is what we are asking for. If there is lack or misery in our life then it is because we are asking for it to be that way. It is when we become confused that we can adopt the wrong attitude and give in.
When we do this then we open ourselves up to a life without any lasting joy, love, freedom or abundance. We mustnít let despondency or ignorance steal our birth right. We mustnít let external opinions and lies disguise how reality actually manifests. We mustnít let confusion collapse the quantum wave as it will almost certainly contain experiences that we wonít like or want.
It can be a massive leap of faith to accept this as fact especially as there are many situations that no one would consciously ask for. However we must never lose sight of the fact that we have asked for everything we experience. The key is that we are not always aware of the requests that we make.
We have, within us, more than one voice that we use to collapse the quantum wave. Only one of them is within our conscious awareness and control. All of the others operate in a covert manner.
Our hidden voices donít always sing the same tune as the one that we know about. As we have hidden voices it is easy to lose sight of what is possible and often leads to failure. It is easy, when faced with a difficult situation, to think we are alone or are not in control. We can wrongly think that we are unlucky, unworthy or a waste of space. This can feed conditions such as depression or anxiety.
It is only when we start to realise the part that we play in our reality that things can start to change. We become liberated with this understanding that it is possible to turn round any situation no matter how dark things have become.
This is can be a difficult concept to accept, especially when we are up to our necks in lack and misery. Understanding and accepting the fact that we create the situations in which we find ourselves is liberating and must be at the core of any life change. This truth will bring incredible results.
Miracles can happen, that is if we know they can!
Our one and only truth must be that we can have and be anything we dream, desire or aspire.
Joy, love, freedom and abundance are available to all of us, not just the beautiful people on the other side of the tracks.