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    How to improve oral english

    I am a college student, my major is english, but my oral English is not good,
    what can i do to improve it? That is all, thank you.

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    Re: How to improve oral english

    An interesting question... I don't know the best answer but I'd like to hear what others have to say about it. : - )

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    Re: How to improve oral english

    If you don't have much opportunity to practise, it can be difficult. I learnt Portuguese when I lived there and haven't used it in years. To keep it alive I try to have imaginary conversations in my head so that I don't forget it. Someone once suggested to me that trying imaginary interviews was a good way. Also, listen to as much as you can. If you have access to stellite TV, then watch programs like chat shows and news programs where people talk to each other, and try to extract things from those sources that may be of use to you. Before you have to use the language in a particular situation, like a phone call, try practising it before you do it.

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