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    English phonetics translation software...

    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering whether there is a software/program that can translate english texts into a phonetic text!

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    Re: English phonetics translation software...

    I've never seen one. There are programs that will write phonemic script for insertion into texts:
    There are programs that convert some languages into phonemic script:
    (I have never used this one so don't know what it's like)

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    Re: English phonetics translation software...

    I think that automatic phonetic transcription is a feat beyond programs for the time being. Phonemic transcription may be a more realistic goal but even then, the program should be able to tell the difference between pairs such as "row" /[email protected]/ ('row a boat') and /raU/ ('quarrel').

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    Re: English phonetics translation software...


    There one that you can use to insert phonetics, called Phonmap. Gives you the fonts to print as well. Doesn't do complete texts automatically.


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    Re: English phonetics translation software...

    You can try PhoTransEdit at Phonetic Resources.

    PhoTransEdit is a free Windows tool created to help you typing phonetic transcriptions. The tool includes:

    • Automatic phonetic transcription of English texts.
    • A phonetic keyboard to edit/create phonetic transcriptions.
    • Statistics on the number of times a sound is found in a transcription.
    • Export the transcriptions to X-SAMPA or HTML code numbers.
    • Import X-SAMPA texts.
    • Find rhymes for a word.

    Sample Images:

    In Phonetic Resources you can also find links to other phonetic resources.
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