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    Clause boundaries/ division

    Hi all,

    I hope somebody might guide me a little bit with the below. I think I'm doing well with figuring out clause division, then I look at what I've done and feel ignorant, panic and wonder whether it's all wrong.

    Lines 12 -18 I'm having particular worries about, and I hope someone might help illuminate where the boundaries might better go and why?

    Thank you for reading!


    1. ||MUGGINGS have shot up by 6% over the last year despite a general fall in

    1. crime.||

    1. ||Robberies were also up by 2% and cases of domestic violence by 6%|| as the

    1. recession continued to take its toll[ among women forced to stay in abusive

    1. relationships.] ||

    1. ||Javed Khan, of Victim Support, said|| crime was still “a real problem for a lot of

    1. people”. || He said: || “Many victims still need help to cope after a crime.” ||

    1. ||Shadow Police Minister David Hanson added: || “Cutting 15,000 police officers

    1. shows|| the Government are not doing everything they can.” ||

    1. ||Overall crime fell by 6%, with murder cases down 14% and attempted murder

    1. by 12%||, according to the Office for National Statistics. ||

    1. ||The Government said|| the figures showed || people had “the lowest chance of being

    1. a victim” in more than 30 years. ||

    1. Crime Prevention Minister Jeremy Browne said|| it proved || that “how the police

    1. are deployed, rather than their numbers, is the key to cutting crime”. ||

    1. ||Deputy Chief Constable Douglas Paxton, of the Association of Chief Police

    1. Officers, praised officers on the beat “for the overall crime reductions || at a time

    when forces were facing significant cash savings”. ||

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    Re: Clause boundaries/ division

    Welcome to the forum.

    Please state the source of your quoted text.

    Please use the Edit Post feature to renumber your sentences so they're not all number 1, then click Save.

    What does || mean? It's not a standard punctuation mark.

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