Hello everyone, could you please correct my toefl essay. I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance.

You have a opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country would you like to visit?

If I have a chance to visit a foreign country that I would like for two weeks, the first choice comes to my mind will be Japan. Japan is a beautiful country with a lot of attractive scenes, various culture and interesting cities.

Firstly, I want to go sightseeing Japan landscapes. For instance, I want to see Mount Fuji which is a mountain covered by snow on the top. Mount Fuji is one of the symbols of Japan. I like its beauty and wish I had a chance to climb it. Moreover, I would like to have a picnic while sightseeing the cherry blossom. I feel not only lively when I enjoy the meal with other tourists but also peaceful in my soul as admiring the view blossom petals fall down slightly.

Secondly, I will take more opportunities to explore culture of Japan. I would like to eat as much Japanese food as possible. Not only the food is decorated very attractively but also the taste is unique and delicious such as sushi, ramen or dango. Furthermore, I would like to see beautiful Geisha, to try on kimono then walk around Geisha District, which will be an exciting experience. It is well worth seeing temples where I will pray and buy some lucky amulets for my parents and friends.

Finally, Japan has a lot of interesting cities that I want to take a visit. I want to go to Chiba so that Iím able to have a lot of fun in amusement park Tokyo Disney Land. Japan is also famous with ancient castles where I can learn more about Japanese history and architecture like Nagoya castle, Osaka castle. In addition, I donít want to miss Tokyo Tower in my list of the places I must visit. It is a wonderful tower where you I can have a spectacular view of the whole city as well as enjoy delicious food and drink while sightseeing. Beside, Akihabara is great city for otaku who like manga and anime a lots. In this city, I will buy as many figures of my favorite character as possible. After shopping, I will take a cup of coffee in famous Maid Cafť where waitresses wear lovely dresses as maids.

Beautiful landscape, diverse culture as well as exciting cities are only a few of reasons why I choose Japan is the foreign country I want to visit. I always wish I had enough money to visit whole Japan and I feel two weeks time is too short for me.