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    How to use "as" correctly?

    I have the opportunity pay a visit foreign country as I would like.

    Hello, I know "as" has a lot of meaning such as "like", "because", "when" but I don't know what it mean in this sentence. Is its grammar correct? Could you give me some advices to use "as" precisely because I always confused its meaning and usage.

    Moreover, is "... have the opportunity pay a visit..." OK ? Can I rewrite "... have the opportunity to pay a visit..." ?

    I would appreciate your helping. Thank you a lot.

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    Re: How to use "as" correctly?

    Your sentence should be "I have the opportunity to visit a foreign country as I would like.

    There is no reason for "pay a" there. "As" is functioning as a conjunction there. Look it up in a dictionary.

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    Re: How to use "as" correctly?

    If you want to use "pay", then we say "pay a visit to".

    I am going to pay a visit to my aunt later today.
    He paid a visit to the dentist on Tuesday.

    There's no real need for the phrase though. Just use "visit" (without a preposition).
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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