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    Post what do you think ?

    The top three of the world
    If you have to think about only 3 things to be top three of the world. What would they be? Personally, I chose a mobile phone, computer and water I will tell you the reasons why I choose these things.
    At first, it would be a mobile phone. Without phone you rather difficult to do things in your normal life. Without a mobile phone, you cannot communicate to your family or your friends. What will you do if you have emergency and you donít have it. That is why I chose a phone to be one of the top three of the world.
    Second, I chose a computer. In the age of globalization if you donít have a computer that mean somewhat you are in the age of stone. Most of people have it. Most of company or restaurant must have it. Lacking of a computer can affect to your business or work. This is the thing that you must have it.
    Lastly, it might be water. Water is not sweet and bitter. Water is the very important thing in life. Without 3 days of water you will literally die.
    In conclusion, the top three of the world in my opinion are mobile phone, computer and water.

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    Re: what do you think ?

    Welcome to the forums, zxinus. What is your question?

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