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    After graduation from college, I was offered a white-collar job.

    After graduation from college, I was offered a white-collar job in an office in Manhattan. We had large windows overlooking a busy street. I stood by one of them one day, when a young lady walking on sideway looked up and made eye contact—naturally, I waved.
    That was the beginning of making others happy. When things were 1 , I stood in the window and waved at the passengers who looked up and this made me smile – work stress was washed away.
    Late afternoon was the best time. Rush-hour traffic filled the street with cars and bused. After waving became boring, I tried to improve may act. I made signs: ‘Hi!’ ‘Hello!’ and ‘Be Happy!’ I posted them in the window and waved.
    Christmas Day was drawing near. Job cuts were announced. Several co-workers would lose their jobs. Stress reached a high point. Everyone felt anxious. We needed to do something to break the tension.
    While working one night, a red jacket drew my attention. I used my imagination and turned it into a piece of Santa’s clothing. The next day my co-workers gathered around me and laughed for the first time in weeks. Just then my boss passed by. He looked up, saw me, shook his head and left.
    I thought I caused trouble. Soon my boss phoned me: ‘Mike, come to my office!’ when in his office, I felt very nervous. ‘Mike …’ Tears appeared in his eyes, as I sat silent and confused. When he regained control, he said, ‘Thanks, Mike! With the job cuts, it’s been hard to enjoy the Christmas. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.’
    That evening, and every evening of the Christmas season, I stood 2 in the window. People smiled at the strange Santa. My heart filled with joy, because I made those people smile after a long day at work.
    1. A. important B. slow C. right D. bad
    2. A. luckily B. eagerly C. naturally D. proudly
    (taken from a test paper)

    I chose D for 1 and C for 2. But the answers are B for 1 and D for 2.
    What’s your opinion?

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    Re: After graduation from college, I was offered a white-collar job.

    I agree with the test-paper answers. There is a problem here, though "... when a young lady walking on sideway looked up...".

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