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  1. History teacher

    Help on grammar

    Dear teachers,
    Prepositions are one of the biggest problems in my quest to improve my English. I need some help to see whether my sentences are fine grammatically. Your help is appreciated.
    My sentences are as follows :-
    Students who did not achieve the minimum requirements of 75 percent attendance will be barred from sitting for the final examination.
    My doubts are as follows :
    1. Can I delete the preposition " for " ( barred from sitting "for" the final examination?
    2. Is it correct to use " barred from" to refer to banning students from the examination ?

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    Re: Help on grammar

    "from" is correct. But, "barred" is a tad out of context. Why not try something like, "... will not be permitted or allowed to write the final exam."

    Welcome, teach.

    All the best.

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