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  1. matilda

    Talking 144-

    Hello all

    I was reading the poem:
    "Tyger, tyger, burning bright in the forests of the night…" from William Blake.

    There is a sentence which is used in two parts of this poem, and the poet, William Blake, changed one word in this sentence, and used it again. Can anybody help me what he meant by each of these sentences, and what differences they had??? Here's the sentence:

    …What immortal hand or eye COULD frame thy fearful symmetry?

    …What immortal hand or eye DARE frame thy fearful symmetry?

    What's the difference between these two sentences in meaning?

    Thanks a million


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    Re: 144-

    Hello Matilda

    1. "...could frame..." = "...would have the necessary art and skill and knowledge to construct..."

    2. "...dare frame..." = "...would have the courage and poise and bravado to construct..."

    #2 is a little ironic, as we don't usually doubt whether a deity would "dare" to do something.

    The movement from "could" to "dare" is the movement from "being able to do something" to "having the courage to do something".



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