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    Dear teachers,

    If you were to comment on a tone of a particular sentence and that this one is an exclamation, would say that this sentence is written "in an exclamatory tone" ??

    Is the word "tensional" appropriate in this context? If not when is it you used?

    If you were to ask a student to justify their answers would you say "Justify your answers in sentences" ? By the way what do you call the question that precedes an exercise?

    Thank you very much for your help,

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    Re: exclamation

    I'd just say 'exclamatory'- I think the rest of the phrase is unnecessary. I virtually never see the word 'tensional' used- it might be used in American English, but I don't come across it much at all in BrE.
    If you want to emphasise the need for sentences not notes, then I'd say 'Justify your answers in complete sentences'.

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