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    at/on seeing smb; at/on hearing smth

    What's the difference between the prepositions at and on before the gerund? Do they bring about any difference? Can we use both at and on only with the verbs 'to see' and 'to hear' or will all verbs take these prepositions in the same way? Can we use them interchangeably with 'to see' and 'to hear'?
    E.g. At/On seeing me, Kelly smiled.
    At/On hearing the car skim on the road, I looked out of the window.

    At/On opening the book, I found there a ten-dollar banknote. (Somehow, I don't like 'at' here, but I may be wrong).
    Thank you very much for your help!

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    Re: at/on seeing smb; at/on hearing smth

    You have quite a few unanswered questions, tyrp. Please don't post any more until they have been answered.

    We have other students to consider.

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