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    Would anybody like to explain the grammatical structure of the following sentence?

    "Being an adjective or pronoun that stands alone when the noun it modifies is being implied but not stated."

    1) What does mean "Being an adjective or pronoun"? Please give some examples. With these examples, I will practice more and more to learn it clearly.

    2) How "it modifies" is related to the other parts of this sentence? Would anybody like to give some examples of such type relation that will help me to understand this fact clearly?

    ( In case of my last question, in my last sentence, I wanted to indicate "examples" with "that". Is 'that' indicating to 'examples'? If it indicates to 'relation', how to write this sentence to indicate 'examples' with 'that' instead of 'relation'?)

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    Re: absolute

    Please state the source and author or the quoted sentence. Check that you have transcribed it accurately.

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