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Thread: Come undone

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    Come undone

    What does the phrase "come undone" mean? I've heard it here and there and cant' get a coherent meaning of it.


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    Re: Come undone

    Depends upon the context. Literally, it refers to something that has become unfastened or has fallen apart. For example, if the clasp on your necklace breaks, you would say "My necklace has come undone." Or if you have to stop and tie your shoe: "Wait a minute, my laces have come undone again."

    Sometimes the phrase is also used to describe someone who loses their temper or composure, or who completely breaks down emotionally: "I told my husband that I scratched the paint on his new car, and he totally came undone."

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    Re: Come undone

    Could weight-watchers for example use it in their advertisement to convey an idea thatī"join us as you are" "come unprepared"??
    What do you think??

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