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    Exclamation Contrast medical paragraph

    Please help me checking this paragraph, is the title suitable ?
    Leukemia and Bone Cancer
    Even though Bone cancer and Leukemia have many similarities, they are disparate. First of all, both are classified differently. For example, leukemia is subdivided into Acute and Chronic, while bone cancer is classified into primary and secondary. The classification of leukemia depends on defining the cancer white blood cell type, whereas bone cancer is classified depending on detecting the site of malignant bone tumor. Second, leukemia symptoms are different from bone cancer symptoms. People with leukemia suffer from anemia, bleeding, bruising, abdominal distress and difficult breathing (dyspnea). In contrast, bone cancer patients experience fever, bone swelling, bone fractures, and fatigue. Third, both are treated differently. For instance, most forms of leukemia are treated by bone marrow transplant and targeted therapy. On the other hand, bone cancer is treated mainly by surgery and crayosurgery.

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    Re: Contrast medical paragraph

    First, please correct the information in your member profile relating to your current location.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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