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    Video transcription for translation

    Hi. I have to translate a video into Spanish, but before that I need the transcription of the video. Below I paste my transcription. There are some gaps which I don't understand and I would appreciate it if you could help me. I am not cheating. Indeed, my teachers say that the important thing is the translation into Spanish and that we can ask for help with the English translation. Here is the video:


    --Anne Coates: Hal Wallis came over tosee some of Peter O'Toole in Lawrence for Becket _____________ and he came over and I ran some cut sequences for him. And HalWallis rang up the next day and offered me Becket. And it was a smart move onhis part, actually, because I wasn't earning a huge amount of money _________, but once I won the Oscar he knew I would become much moreexpensive, so he got me quick.
    And Becket was such a beautiful script, and I mean I think it is the mostexquisitely written script that I've ever done. The dialogue _____________ and Peter Glenville, who directed the directtranslation because he spoke French. It was weird coming off of a film likeLawrence, where you were getting thousands of featured dailies. You know,charging camels and battles and blowing up trains, and the dialogue seemsexcellent because Robert Bolt was a wonderful writer, to coming on to somethinglike Becket, which was beautiful to look at, wonderfully created, and wonderfulsets and costumes, great dialogue, great scenes, but hardly any action at all.We had a few soldiers up on the hill here and there, you know....
    --Richard Burton: The rich are at home sulking.
    --Peter O'Toole: Supporters of King Louis of France?
    --Richard Burton: No, it just would have cost too much.
    --Anne Coates: I would have given them a shared Oscar because I thought theywere both so good. It was wonderful to cut. I mean both the boys gave superbperformances. I mean that was two top actors, acting together, but asantagonists, but they weren't at all antagonistic towards each other, they weregreat. But you know, one ___ it was like you were playing tennis or anything,if you could play against somebody good, you play your tip-top game. I comefrom the school of editing that believes if a scene is playing really wellbetween two or three characters, you've got interesting camera moves, maybe, orthe actors are doing interesting moves, then hold it, you don't need to cut in.People cut in now, _____ quite unnecessary. It just becomes the style, soone does it. But I think with a scene like between those two, perfect both in aframe, you don't want to chop that up. Because there are vibes coming off eachother which was so good, and you hold that.
    --Richard Burton: Help me, Thomas...I'm frightened!
    --Anne Coates: When they go to France, Peter O'Toole's Henry II sends for hisfriend, Becket, and when he arrives, he goes in to see him, and then there'sthis blanket lying there, and he pulls the blanket back to show this semi-nakedFrench woman. Anyway, one day, just for fun, as a publicity stunt, actually,which I thought they would be able to use, ummm...they put Elizabeth Taylorsemi-naked, I Mean, she was fairly well clothed, semi...well, you know, down toquite a few things underneath the blanket, and Richard Burton came in and Peterpulled back the blanket, and of course Richard swore, and I can't, suppose, saywhat he said, and it was, of course, unusable because he was totally taken bysurprise, but they couldn't use it for publicity because of that language. So,I, like an idiot, didn't keep that piece of film. I should have kept it!

    Will you help me complete the gaps? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Video transcription for translation

    I would have liked to help you, but regrettably your use of wetransfer required me to to use a windows product and make it my default program. I am not willing to do that. It you post a link to the the raw video as an mp3 or 4 or .avi or .wmv, I will listen through it and help.

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