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    Post checking my toefl essay

    People have different ways of escaping the stress and difficulties of modern life. Some read; some exercise; others work in their gardens. What do you think are the best ways of reducing stress?

    Stress is one of the biggest enemies; it affects our health and personalities, deciding what are the best ways to relieve. Some persons opt for taking pills and drugs. In my opinion outdoor activities and talking has advantageous to solve this problem.

    Enrolling in outdoor activities are benefit not only for physical health as well as for mental health. Physical activities such as playing some sports or walking provide us reliaveness, moreover, people should organize their time in order to add some physical rutine to dedicate. For example in my experience I work about nine our every day, spending two hours more in driving, I dedicate half hour every early morning to feel better and keep away from work’s problems. On the other hand, another alternative might help to face with this problem.

    Conversation is another alternative that not need effort or money. People charge our problems everyday, sometimes need from someone to provide advices or only who want to be a listener. Relatives and close friends are always near, Furthermore talking can done in whatever moment, at the work, at our study center or at our home, so founding some persons who support our problems or just confidantes. For instance patients who suffer anxiety will not be good if keep inside their problems, they need to tell someone for recieving some recommendations or just to find a friend to support them.

    I have faced individually this problem and I have a good metal life in this way because this style of rutine give me free. Doing sports can feel better and give opportunity to find friend in who trust, moreover friends and family are the best listener that have. I hope that success that I have had until now by doing the activities explained before , will continue in my future life.

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    Re: checking my toefl essay

    Stress is one of the our biggest enemies; it adversely affects our health and personalities.

    deciding what are the best ways to relieve. (Stress does not decide that for you)

    Some persons opt for Some people seek relief from stress by taking pills and drugs.

    In my opinion, getting involved in outdoor activities and talking to others about the problem can help overcome stress. has advantageous to solve this problem.

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