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    The day you decide to go after your dream...

    The day you decide to go after your dream is the day you begin to work out the mystery. Things are never easy at first but each experience strengthens your feeling and makes you determine to succeed and move higher in life.

    When you are comfortable, you never think about how to ( ) it. Your dream takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you realize what life truly is. Some people may laugh at or pity you, while others may praise you. Be wise enough not to be carried away by the praise and not to be discouraged by criticism and pity.

    A. get
    B. make
    C. take
    D. plan

    I think A is the correct choice, but the answer key is B. How do you think?

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    Re: The day you decide to go after your dream...

    There's no correct answer because 'it' could refer to anything. I'd choose 'do'.
    If 'it' refers to dream, I'd choose 'achieve'. None of the choices fit for 'dream'; you don't get dreams, make dreams, take dreams, or plan dreams (unless you're an accomplished lucid dreamer).

    " to make it" makes some sort of colloquial sense, though it's not suggested by the passage. You could just as easily choose 'get' or 'plan' if the word doesn't need to fit into some sort of context. It's a bad question.

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