The reason of TRC failing to provide the captain with the whole package of briefing was that the system was not working at LHR Flight Planning Department.

First, TRC met the Captain in the terminal and handed over available CIRRUS. Later, TRC enquired with captain he was happy with the available CIRRUS where he received the positive feedback.
However, later on, the captain changed his mind and requested additionally the weather charts. TRC had to leave the aircraft and rush to local meteo department to get this weather charts. According to TRC, the captain did not inform him that the charts were not current; otherwise TRC could have ordered the latest ones.

According to TRC he was not so tactless as described. He just requested fuel figures couple of times. TRC was just trying to be within the time frames. Normally, we provide the captain with provisional load sheet only, but in a given flight, captain requested the final load sheet before doors closure.

The issue of TRC leaving the flight deck also seems unreal, as all paperwork signed by Captain are in place in the Airport back office.
Nevertheless, he will be briefed that captain must not be interrupted every now and then. All GYD staff was briefed to be more delicate and prudent with Captain Mark Blundell.

APM was on duty and was the one who had delivered the final load sheet to flight deck, but not putted her head to cockpit as mentioned. Both CSM and TRC who was in the galley of a/c eyewitness when one of ground staff assisted APM with suitcase which was needed due to sore back of the last. We believe, this is the responsibility of the crew to ensure that non-passengers are not onboard before the doors. APM was shocked to hear from captain that she was trying to press a key on cockpit door keypad, as it never happened. What happened was that she leaned over the door and asked the cabin crew to check with captain if the last wished to talk to her. According to APM, captain assumed that she used the toilets before seat belt were switched off. This never happened as well