Dear Teachers! Would be greatly appreciated for any recommendations! Thank you very much in advance!!!!

To whom this it may concern,

My name is Elina Goroshkova. I am a bachelor in Economics with a degree gained in Kemerovo State University, Russia. Also I was studying for three years Clinical Psychology in Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. I appreciate the opportunity to provide further information in support of my application for the Program “Cognitive Science” in order to continue my study at University of Kaiserslautern, for two-year program 2015 – 2017.

Firstly, from my childhood I was dreaming to study psychology, especially brain and its structures, its influence on whole human life. At this time in Russia was popular idea of Soviet Union time: “psychology does not exist”, and from my childhood my family supported this opinion actively. That is why when I was choosing the direction of my high education in 2000 it was important for me to choose a profession that would allow me to continue studying foreign languages and also to choose profession that will open me an opportunity to get a good job in Russia because of my personal family financial reasons. So the choice was clear, I have decided to study Economics with a Specialization in the International Economy.

During my studies I developed my skills in mathematics, statistics and computer sciences which are important knowledge in any research area. English and German languages were obligatory subjects and allowed me to get acquainted with teaching material of different foreign scientists. Therefore after receiving a university-level education in Economics I started to work in the economic area and all the time was looking for a new opportunities to work in the area of Psychology.

At least I had started to work in a human resources sector and had been responsible for employee development, learning and assessment. I was totally interested in Human Cognition, especially in Language and Memory interaction. That is why I decided to start my second degree in Clinical Psychology.

During three years in the University I was studying Central Nervous System, Psychiatry, Neurology, Pharmacology, Clinical psychology, Psychodiagnostic, Developmental Psychology, Pathopsychology and other psychological disciplines. In my free time I was following all possible courses in Coursera, EdX and MIT technological University. My main interest was concentrated in Brain and Cognitive Sciences of MIT educational portal, also such courses as Computational Neuroscience, Foundational Neuroscience for Perception and Action, Medical Neuroscience, Synapses, Neurons and Brains, The Neurobiology of Everyday Life. Now I have started The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People. When I was living in Russia I participated in a lot of lectures of Professor Chernigovskaya who is a Head of Neurolinguistics Department at Saint Petersburg State University. Also followed lectures devoted to memory researches by Doctor of Medicine and Professor Konstantin Anochin.

I did not graduated in Clinical psychology as in 2014 I relocated to Germany because my husband is a German man and wanted to live in Germany. Now my research interests are computational neuroscience and modeling, functional neuroimaging, cognitive neuropathology, cognitive deficits in children and adults with learning disabilities, neuroscience of memory.

My professional goal is to work as a scientist in Cognitive Science. Pursuing a research-oriented masters program and a subsequent PhD study program is a necessary step in order to achieve this goal.

Finally, since I have moved to Germany and started studying German, and I really enjoy my German classes not only for the language itself, but also for learning many facts about Germany together with various fascinating thing about Germany and German mentality. Germans are reliable and responsible people. I also know that the German system of higher education provides students with a high extent of freedom that requires strong self-control and self-dependence. This highly motivating atmosphere, together with the German mentality, create the most suitable environment for effective study and research.

Ultimately, I choose the University of Kaiserslautern because your team is really great. Especially such research area connected with memory, language, reading and spelling disorder, multimodal human-computer interfaces with participating of such professors as Prof. Dr. Thomas Lachmann, Prof. Dr. Maria Klatte , Dr. Claudia Stein Brink , Prof. Dr. Daniela Czernochowski and many others. Having a chance to learn in an environment with others as interested in the subject as I am, may lead to a meaningful exchange of ideas, beneficial for all, being involved. I have always tried to be the best and certain that academic environment at University of Kaiserslautern will improve my knowing and will allow me to explore cognitive science at deeper level.

Thank you very much for your time considering my application.