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    Question Both sentences expressing the same issue in the same context use difference tense?

    Hello teachers,

    I'm reading a paragraph below in the book STARTER TOEIC. The green is in the simple tense. The blue is in the pass tense. I do not understand why do the both sentences expressing the same issue in the same context use difference tenses?

    Please tell me the reasons. Thank you so much.

    "According to a recent survey, a majority of workers donít consider taking paper and pens home from work to be stealing. The Survey and Polling Institute of New York interviewed one hundred office workers aged 25-35. All of the workers had been at their current place of employment for at least 2 years. All workers were working full time. ďI donít steal. Iím not a thief,Ē says one man who has been working for his company for five years, ďSometimes I take office suppliers home ... but that is different from stealing.Ē He said that he usually gave paper and pens to his children for school homework. ďI work hard for this company, and I think the office supplies are a perk of the job. Anyway, I often use the pens to do extra work at home, too. Do I really need to buy pens just to do company work at home? I donít think so.Ē According to the chart above, only 8 percent of people think that taking pens and pencils from work is stealing. This means that 92 percent donít think of it as theft. In the same group, only 20 percent said that taking desktop items like staplers and memo holders was stealing. 80 percent did not consider it wrong. However, 90 percent said that taking computer accessories like a mouse or a keyboard was wrong. They said that taking cheap items was OK. This 90 percent of workers said they often took items that cost less than $5, but anything that cost more than $10 was too expensive. 10 percent didnít see a problem with it."

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    Re: Both sentences expressing the same issue in the same context use difference tense

    You can tell what people do think (present) from what they did say (past). There's no problem with that.

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