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    please correct my lab report

    I analyzed the result of Hydroponic experiment after getting the DW of plant parts. The results supported our previous work by using the paper area, which was stem that had the highest CH4 emission comparing to leave and root. I measured RH in both chambers. In addition, I planted 5 cultivars (1,2,3,4, and 5) as part of the screening ten cultivars experiment. I presented in 3MT competition at Dalhousie, it was a great experience and I got the same feedback as last seminar in Mount that I should talk loudly. This week I started collecting information about the preliminary exam and how to write the assay, beside I received examples from a friend who already did the exam and now Iím working on my writing.

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    Re: please correct my lab report

    I wouldn't advise using so many 'I's' in a lab report. I thought it is more common to use the passive voice.

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    Re: please correct my lab report

    I agree with Ted. In scientific reports, we use the passive voice to avoid the constant repitition of "I/We".

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