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    Please help me with punctuation

    Tech-savvy beggar :

    Thank you for donating. you can now even donate 24X 7 on
    and stand a chance to win all expenses paid trip to mars. Also do not forget to like
    us on facebook.


    In today’s era of face book - we hardly meet face to face and neither have a time
    to read books

    Facebook Addiction:

    Wife: Darling you forgotten my birthday

    Husband: My smartphone is acting like a fool since past few days. It didn't pop up facebook birthday reminder in notification bar. So sorry honey

    9. Boss is not always right:

    Boss: You have been telling everyone that boss is not always right. prove it right now

    Employee: The biggest proof is that you had been asking everyone about it.


    Businessmen: Too much advertising is killing my business

    Wife: But I really do not remember if you ever did any advertising

    Business: that’s true, but my competitors did!

    11.Status report:

    Boss: Where you have been since three days and no status report either.

    Employee: But I have been constantly updating my watsapp status 24 hours so
    everyone gets live-feeds.

    12. Marketing

    Women: your salesperson promised that after using shampoo there won’t any
    more hair problems. But now I am totally bald.

    Manager: Exactly! No hair, no more problem mam. And you much have read

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    Re: Please help me with punctuation

    Just for openers, ALL sentences must end with a punctuation mark - usually a period. No exceptions.

    And all sentences must start with a capital letter. No exceptions.

    And - beggar? That's a poor word choice. It makes no sense. Beggars ask for donations, they don't make them. And everyone who asks for donations isn't a beggar.

    And - the singular of women is woman.
    I'm not a teacher. I speak American English. I've tutored writing at the University of Southern Maine and have done a good deal of copy editing and writing, occasionally for publication.

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