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    according to his or her individual tastes

    How can a reader construct his own way of reading a story as in the underlined? I can't get what it means.
    I propose that the reason people enjoy the book version of a story more than the film version is that each reader creates the details in his or her favorite scenes.
    The characters - the way they look, talk, dress - and everything else in the story are guided by the writer but are constructed by the reader according to his or her individual tastes.
    Here, in effect, the reader also becomes the director and the producer and fixes everything to his or her liking.
    When a director converts the story into a film, however, all these rights are taken from the reader, and everything is constructed according to the taste of people other than the reader.
    The more these details are solidified(*굳히다) in a certain way, the more the artist invades the audience's domain, and confines the reader's imagination to what is presented to them by others.
    Thus, the art, the artist, and the audience lose out.

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    Re: according to his or her individual tastes

    It would be useful if you could quote the bits that are quoted, keannu. I'll assume that the first line is yours, and the rest not.
    "The young woman was wearing a dress". Think about it.

    You might have formed an image of a young woman (was she Korean? Why?) and the type of dress it was. In a film you can't do this. In a prose story, the reader constructs the details.

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