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    Exclamation I am being logged off before I can finish my post


    I don't know if there have been changes to the forum software, or I have slowed down a lot, but I am being logged off before I can finish my post. When I click 'submit' I get a message which says something like - refresh the page and log in. After losing my text a few times, I have learned that I should type my response in a text file first and then post it! But, then I have to go over the post and format it.

    If I need to do something on my end, please let me know. If not, is it possible to increase the timeout period before I am logged off?

    It is not a big deal, but just a minor inconvenience.

    Thank you

    [Edit -After posting this, I found a thread that resolves this problem (check 'remember me' at log in time). Please close this thread. Sorry for the inconvenience.]
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