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    People attend college/university for many different reasons.

    Please correct my essay.

    According to me people attend college or university for many reasons.In my point of view they attend
    college/university for three main reasons.The reasons are as follows 1.To gain extra knowledge,2.For their future,
    3.One of their Aims.Let me explain these reasons one by one in the following paragraphs.

    First of all,people attend college/university to gain some knowledge. Usually people study based on the subjects
    that are already defined by the government or based on the school syllabus.They used to follow this till they finish
    their high school. After that when they join college they can choose their area of interest and can get some knowledge
    regarding that particular subject. For example when i was studying my high school i was very much interested
    in studying my computer science subject but that was not only my subject. Ofcourse i studied english,science,ect..,
    but i'm not interested that much in these subjects.Then,when i joined my college i chose computer science
    as my main course to gain extra knowledge on this. That helped me in my interviews too.

    Second,people attend college/university for their future. Nowadays technology has been developing so fast.You can't
    survive in this world with only finishing high school.It is must in this society to study/attend college. For example
    I continued my higher studies only for my future. I'm not from a well-to-do family and i was in a situation that i
    should run my family. Without continuing my studies i cannot get any IT jobs.So i guess this is one of the main reasons
    for attending college/university.

    Third, usually attending college/university may be one of people's aims.Different people may have different kinds of aim.
    For example Its my aim that i should become a computer engineer.Without attending college/university how can i become
    an engineer ? From my childhood i used to say that i should continue my higher studies in a famous
    university/college and ofcourse i did that.

    Conclusion i would say that people attend college/university for above mentioned three reasons according to my knwoledge.
    Overall people always do want to develope themselves and to achieve high its always better to chose college/university.

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    Re: People attend college/university for many different reasons.

    Run it through a spellchecker, put a space after your commas and full stops, capitalise 'I' - basically, fix it up first, then post it again (if it's not homework. If it's homework, your teacher will mark it).

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