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    Exclamation Letter to University - Asking details about Department buildings

    Since I am an overseas student, I could not attend any of the open days conducted by the Uni. Furthermore, I am on a strict budget so I am looking forward to stay in a private accomodation. Hence, I feel that the best accomodation would be the one which is closest to my department buildings. However, my course is jointly run by 2 departments (which are quite far from each other). I checked on the Uni's website but could not find the details of the modules that would be conducted in each building.
    So, I want to write to the university people requesting them for their advice. I want to sound as much as polite and formal as possible!

    My version of the letter -

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am an overseas student looking for a private accomodation. However, I am having a real tough time looking for the best fitting accomodation (closest one to the university buildings). I did check the university website and since my course " " (course name & code) is jointly run by the Department/School of "" & "", I would like you to suggest areas in which I should stay. Right now i am searching for apartments on "" Road, it is quite close to the Dept of "" but a 25 min walk towards the Dept of "". Could you kindly help me out with this?

    Awaiting your response.

    Your faithfully,

    I know I am rambling, but I am stressed out with apartment hunting! It would really be kind of you to help me out.
    Also, Does the Uni help out with such things?? I am not quite sure, but still, going to give it a try! Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Letter to University - Asking details about Department buildings

    Ideally, the place of accomodation you are looking for should be halfway between the two departments you go to to attend your course. In reality however, you have to accept accomodation that is currently available in the market, which you may not have many to choose from and they may not be so close to the ideal location. The ideal location should be apparent in a map. I do not think you need to ask the university for that.

    best fitting location most convenient location

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