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    The universal appeal of sports

    What kind of promotional method does sports use to emphasize the importace of environment?
    Just banners "Love the Environment" hung in soccer field?
    The universal appeal of sports, together with its inherent link to health and well-being, makes it the ideal transmitter of messages about the environment. We are already accustomed to ‘hearing’ messages about national pride and fair play through sport. Sport, and in particular the sporting event industry, now represents the front line for sustainable development campaigns. Environmental sustainability is not only making sporting events more marketable, but it is attracting the kind of corporate sponsors who are keen to use public approval to enhance corporate reputation. The environmental ‘vlrus’ is made more infectious when sporting heroes are used to transmit the ‘disease’ —a notable example being Planet Ark, an Australian not-for-profit environmental group, set up by retired Wimbledon tennis champion Pat Cash.

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    Re: The universal appeal of sports

    In the entire piece, including the question, you need to decide between "sport" (uncountable noun) and "sports" (countable).

    If you use "sport", use the singular with it. If you use "sports", use the plural.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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