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    come back in the second half

    Thank you for inviting me to speak. Actually, I had no experience as a leader, and that made me worried at first, but I was able to learn the meaning of leadership by helping our team to succeed. When our team was trailing by two points during the semi-final match, I encouraged each member not to give up and rallied us all together during half time. I reminded each player that we had to play our best so we wouldn’t regret it later. I got through to them and we managed to come back in the second half and win the game. Thanks to soccer, I was able to develop into a leader. Now, my teammate, Jaemin, has something to say.

    This "come back" doesn't seem to mean "literally come to the second half", but "to recover your game situation to a better state", does it?

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    Re: come back in the second half

    A "come back" in sports is when you are losing, but you are able to take the lead and then win.

    Also known as a "come from behind" victory.

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