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    Hi everyone.
    Would you please tell me if the following sentence has any meaning:

    It beasts me.

    Thanks a million in advance.

  1. matilda

    Talking Re: question

    beast is a noun. but this sentence may mean to make someone wild.

    and else. each question should have a topic, compatriot. it's obvious that it is a question. but you can topic it as IT BEASTS ...

  2. #3

    Red face Where Can I Get This?

    Dear Teacher: Id really like to know where I could get a sample of a Weekly Lesson Plan because as you know, we as English teachers have to do a lesson plan for each session we have to dictate, but I know that there are some Institutions where is nused the weekly lesson plan, which is a special format to work...

    Please, I need the information about that.

    Thank you so much,


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    Re: question

    I've never heard of "it beasts me."

    "It beats me" means you are confused or confounded, you have no idea.

    "Who ate the last piece of cake?" "Beats me."

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