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Thread: Idioms

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    Hi, teachers,

    Can you help me explaine this sentence, since I really don't know so much exactly what it means:

    "you work so hard peddling up the hill that you hate to brake on the way down".

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Idioms

    It suggests to me that after trying hard for something, you'll want to enjoy it fully.

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    Re: Idioms

    Thank you very much, Tdol!

    I still don't, however, fully understand what your reply means, please give me further explainations on it.

    And with it, I have got so much headache. You know why? Because I have 2 friends and we had an agrument with another about it. Then, each of us has thought that he himself is wright, and others are all wrong.

    As my opinion, this is a kind of playing word, since the word "peddling" has the same pronunciation as "padling", and a sort of style of using headlines usually seen on newspapers, so it's supposed to be writen in regular grammer like this:
    "You have worked so hard like padling up the hill that you would hate to brake on the way down".
    And my meaning to it is that: When you build up a business, it's so hard for you like padling up the hill.
    Then, when your business is run completedly smooth, you wouldn't like to stop or reduce orchange it. As "on the way down" of this sentence means that when you padle a bicycle on the hill down, your bicycle will go faster, you don't have to use a lot of your power to padle, even no need to padle at all. So "on the way down" here means that your business at that time is so "busy" and you make so much profits from it.

    My friend 1: when you are successfull on something, you won't want to be fail in the future.

    My friend 2: Since you worked so hard to build up a business and were successful in your business (padling up the hill), it is now slow down (as the meaning of "on the way down") you keep working hard without needing to think of how slow it is, no matter whatever happens.

    So, who is wright? and who is wrong or all of us are quite wrong?

    Thank you very much again!

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    Thumbs up Re: Idioms

    i agree 1000000000000% with Tdol .That the way it say
    suppose i work hard for the money,then i had to spend all the way .Right?

    How about Tdol , you do the same way i do ....HIHIHIHHH


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    Re: Idioms

    Tdol is right. However you or your friends apply that is up to you though. Just keep in mind what the phrase does and doesn't mean.

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