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    creation of sentence transformation exercises

    Dear teachers,
    I'm learning how to build up "sentence transformations" exercises. Would you please help to build sentence (a) so that sentence (b) can be found?

    1) a) Would it be possible to build a sentence in direct speech where we could have an expression other than "it's been ages since"?

    = b) "Mom, ... it has been ages since you said we could go to the park. When are we leaving?"

    2) a) We haven't been to this restaurant for a long time - look what's happened to the prices.

    = b) It... has been ages since we've been to this restaurant - look what's happened to the prices.

    3) a) Which other construction can I write here to have the subjunctive in sentence (b)?

    = b) It is very important that... all employees BE DRESSED in their proper uniforms before 6.30 am

    4) a) Holden Caulfieldís parents were not careful in his upbringing soÖ ??

    = b) If... his parents had been more careful in his upbringing, Holden Caulfield would have been quite different.

    5) a) I didnít buy that new Mercedes we saw yesterday; I havenít got the money even to afford a used car. (correct ??)

    = b) If... I had the money, I would have bought that new Mercedes we saw yesterday; but I can't even afford a used car.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: creation of sentence transformation exercises

    1- I'm not sure I understand this
    2- b) could also be 'it is ages'
    3- British English users wouldn't use the subjunctive there (we generally avoid it), so 'are dressed' is also correct
    4- I think this is too vague- you should maybe give a specific characteristic- rebellious, or something (it's ages since I read the book)
    5- I haven’t got the money even- I haven’t even got the money (sounds more natural to me)

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