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    Lightbulb Hey people, please make a commant of my essay. if there is grammatically error. nwbie

    How to Increase English skills

    English as an international language is so popular and important. It makes really important to people to learn English. By learning English, there will be so much advantage for now even in the future. English skills will be so effect to the future career. Nowadays almost all companies will inquire ability to speak or read English. The company will measure up English ability to be able to get a better job. Thus, it besomes so important to people to increase their English skills. There are many ways that people can do to improve their English, but there are some easy ways to do so. The easy way to improve English are: increasing vocabulary, joining English club, practicing everyday.

    The very important thing about language is the vocabulary. Thus, the first important think to be able to improve English is increasing vocabularies. Learn and remember new word everyday and try to use that word that you already learn to help keep remembering that words. Try to read in English also, there is will be a lot of new words that can find. Also try to looking out the meaning of the new word that you find while reading in English in the dictionary. That is will help you to be rich with vocabulary. However, make sure that you really understand the meaning of every words that you learn, because it will be bad if you use the word in the wrong contaxt.

    The second way to improve English is joining English club. English club will very help to increase English skills. By joining English club you will have a new experience. There will a lit of new people you can met to help increasing English ability. There will be some programs that an English club made. In English club we can learn more ablut how their way to increase your English skills. You can ask your community also about something you donít know. You also can practice to talk English with native speakers of your group everyday. Theres must be an available English club in your school or your area but also there are a lot of English club you can find on the internet, so you can make an interaction with them.

    The other way to improve English is to practice and learn everyday routinely. Try to improve ability of reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. Read magazine. Newspaper, novel and all written in English may improve spead of out read. Newspaper, magazine and novel are have grammatically correct, it can improve our writing ability by write correctly. Listening to English news over the radio or televition is a very affective way to improve listening ability. Listen to it as much as you can, than you can notice the result as soon as possible. Another interesting way to improve English is watching English movie. It can helps to improve speaking and listening ability together. Try to watch it with English subtitle so by that you can learn how to pronounce some words correctly. Also you can know what the players says. After practicing with the subtitle on, try to remove the subtitle and try to catch what the players says. It may be difficult at first, but if you practicing everyday, that can be a piece of cake for you. Try to set aside of everyday time to practicing. The more time you spend the better result you can get.

    In short, there are an obvious way to boost English skill. The main method to progress English skills is growing vocabulary. However, by joining English group also advantageous to develop English ability. Certainly, the great way to develop English ability is practicing and studying four English skills frequently. Regardless, English skills is really important to increase because, English language must be really crucial for the future life.

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    Re: Hey people, please make a commant of my essay. if there is grammatically error. n

    This looks like homework.
    I'm not a teacher. I speak American English. I've tutored writing at the University of Southern Maine and have done a good deal of copy editing and writing, occasionally for publication.

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