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    Difference of Definition on Crowding

    The answer is 3, but I think it's a wrong answer, I think 2 is definitely the right answer. what do you think?
    2.Which is the best title of the passage?
    People are social beings. We appreciate the company of our own kind. How physically close we tolerate or enjoy the presence of others, for how long and under what conditions vary noticeably from culture to culture. In a sparsely settled part of the world, the Kalahari Desert, the Kung Bushmen live under crowded conditions. 1n a Bushman camp the average space each person has is only 188 square feet, which is far less than the 350 square feet per person regarded as the desirable standard by the American Public Health Association. Space in a Bushman camp is arranged to ensure maximum contact. Typically huts are so close that people sitting at different hearths can hand items back and forth without getting up. The desert does not lack space. Bushmen live close by choice , and they do not show symptoms of biological stress.

    ➀ Symptoms of Biological Stress: Cause and Result
    Cross-Cultural Difference in Tolerance for Crowding
    ➂ Difference of Definition on Crowding
    ➃ Importance of Keeping a Proper and Moderate Distance
    ➄ The Desirable Standard we Tolerate or Enjoy the Presence of Others

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    Re: Difference of Definition on Crowding

    I would also go with 2.

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