What are the common errors while using the word "favour" ?

Out of the following sentences which are correct?

1:- I need a favour.
2:- I need favour.
3:-I need your favour.
4:-I need a favour of you.
5:-I need favour of you.
6:-I need a favour from you.
7:-I need a favour from you.
8:-I am really thankful for your favour.
9:-I am really thankful for favour of you.
10:-I am really thankful for favor from you.
11:-I am really thankful for the favour done by you.
12:-I am really thankful for the favour shown by you.
13:- Do me a favour
14:- Do me favour.

further please tell we whether "favour" is countable i.e. can there be two favours or if I want to make plural of favour what should I do ?
For example we make plural of work by using two important pieces of work.

Besides that if there is something more that is peculiar regarding the use of "favour", kindly share that too.

I will be thankful to you.