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    He was standing in a leg like a crane await a fish at pool

    In order to get money from me, he was standing in single leg like a crane wait for a fish at pool

    (I have often heard this phrase in my mother tongue, when someone pegging for money from somebody. Crane(bird) usually stands at a pool in a leg to pick a fish)

    Is the above grammatical? What is the equivalent phrase in English?
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    Re: He was standing in a leg like a crane await a fish at pool

    '...he was standing on one leg like a crane looking for a fish to catch in a pool'.

    However, it has nothing to do with begging for money in my experience.

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    Re: He was standing in a leg like a crane await a fish at pool

    And it's not an analogy that's used in BrE. I can't think of any phrase that equates to it.
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