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    She started waiting tables at Red's

    Hello, I hove some problem to understand tense in that sentence, past progressive?
    or is waiting tables - ideom?
    and can i say - She started wait tables at Red's.?
    Thank you for aby help.

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    Re: She started waiting tables at Red's

    Welcome to the forum, dinad.

    Quote Originally Posted by dinad View Post
    Hello, I have a problem to understanding the tense in that sentence. Is it the past progressive? No.

    Or is "waiting tables" an idiom? Yes.

    Can I say "She started wait tables at Red's"? No.

    Thank you for any help. Unnecessary. Just click 'Thank' when you get a useful reply.
    'She started waiting tables' and 'She started to wait tables' are both in the simple past tense. They mean 'She became a waitress/server'.

    Please study my amendments to your post.
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