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    Awards for the most successful students


    if you would like to award the best performing students (8-9 year old) what kind of gifts can you think of? This is something like an annual appraisal day where the most successful ones will be distinguished:
    Here are some ideas that I have in mind:
    1. Books, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles.
    2. Music albums, Internet Media, Video Games.

    I definitely want to show them I appreciate their efforts, success and willingness to learn.

    Any helpful ideas? How do you stimulate and appraise your students?

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    Re: Awards for the most successful students

    Hmmm, I don't really work with kids, but how about asking them? Make a quiz or some other fun way during the lesson to make this request and see what they would appreciate as a gift?

    Maybe ask them what would they give to each other?
    What I mean is come up with a fun activity to engage them and at the same time to find out what kind of award they would prefer?

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    Re: Awards for the most successful students

    You might also consider some kind of non-physical award, something that's a direct reward for their extra work. Things like getting to leave early or come late one day, a free day off, an extra long lunch break, extra time on the computer - anything that's coveted by all the students, but would still work with your particular classroom and school policies. Eliminate their lowest score on an assignment, or give them a chance to re-work a poor grade. A free one-on-one tutoring lesson, a free dictionary or workbook. etc.

    You probably want to avoid things that have much monetary value. Medals and trophies are nice, but can get expensive and eat into your budget quickly.

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