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    I have been searching for 'prefer...than' on the forum and I feel totally confused. Could you please help me? I tried to write some sentences:

    1- I prefer studying English than washing my car.

    2- I prefer to stay home than (to) go out.

    3- I prefer to stay home over (to) go out. (I think it is not OK)

    4- I prefer staying home over going out.

    5- I prefer to stay home than going out.

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    Re: prefer...than

    I have found a very helpful codification of the rules: one prefers a noun to/over a noun; one prefers doing something (with the gerund form) to/over doing something else (again with the gerund) and one prefers to do something (with the to infinitive) rather than do something else (infinitive without to).

    Thus by these rules, your sentences become:
    1) I prefer studying English to/over washing my car.
    2) I prefer to stay at home rather than go out.
    3) (Same as above)
    4) I prefer staying home over (or to if you want) going out.
    5) (Same as no. 2).

    "Prefer... than" just by itself, while similar to other comparative structures, is not actually correct and should never be used.

    PS: Your written English is very good, judging by this post. Even the erroneous example sentences were properly punctuated and capitalised, with relatively good syntax throughout.

    [Not a teacher]

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