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  1. Ana Laura

    Question I really need your help with this!

    hello teacher and experts:

    I would like to ask something about a text I did with my partners at collage. We would like to know if it is all right to put a comma after "such as". the text is about swimming babies...the sentences is the following:

    " Swimming classes for babies are essential to well being of the respiratory system. That's why many parents begin sharing swimming classes with their babies, considering that this activity provides a complete physical workout,such as,strengthening the baby's heart, lungs and respiratory system. "

    Is it Ok to put "such as" between commas??
    Also... We would like to know if this sentence is correct:

    " Not only does swimming prevent babies from future breathing complaints such as asthma, but it is enjoyable for them as well"

    Thank you ...really thank you!

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    Re: I really need your help with this!

    Don't put a comma after it.

    The second sentence is fine.


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