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    the meaning of "follow"

    It is me again.

    Systems for DC launch and recovery should generally follow (perform the same fuction as?) those described for FRC in Section 5.3.3.

    In my opinion, "follow" means "perform the same function as" or "do the same job as".

    What do you think?

    Thank you.

    Here is the context:

    5.3.3 FRC Launch and Recovery Systems.
    Each FRC should be capable of being launched while the ERRV is making way and provided with its own launching system of a standard acceptable to the MCA. Fast Rescue Craft, Daughter Craft and the davits, cranes and winches used to deploy these craft should be regarded as lifesaving appliances for load test purposes. Unless expressly requested by the ERRV owner, the weight of persons used for load tests shall be 75 kg. for vessels built or converted before 1st January 2011, and be 82.5 kg. for vessels built or converted subsequent to that date. Where the lower figure is used in the load test, such limitation is to be clearly marked on the davit; “Limited to a lift of 9 persons”.

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    Re: the meaning of "follow"

    "Perform the same function as" and "do the same job as" are synonymous. The former is more formal and should usually be preferred in business writing. But the latter is perfectly acceptable.

    "Follow" in relation to systems means that systems should be in accordance with, i.e. have the same design and functional characteristics, as those described in the regulation you quoted.
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