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    Present participle phrase, present continuous or simple present reduce clause.

    Dear members and teachers:

    Is a present participle phrase really either a present continuous or simple present reduced clause?

    (1) I can hear Lisset. She's talking to Luisana.

    a - I can hera Lisset talking to Luisana.

    b - Liset is the one talking to Luisana, I can her her.

    (2) I see Nilson. He's sitting next to Yorky.

    c - I see Nilson sitting next to Yorky.

    d - Nilson is the one sitting next to Yorky.

    (3) The girl is my sister. The girl has blond hair.

    e - The girl who has blond hair is my sister.

    f - The girl having blond hair is my sister.

    g - The girl with blond hair is my sister.

    Basically what I want to know is if a PRESENT PARTICIPLE is a reduced PRESENT PROGRESSIVE or a SIMPLE PRESENT claused

    I ask for your help and assistance.
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