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    Email signature


    I'm translating several automated emails from French to English, and correcting a few in English as well. I am unsure on how the signature should be written.

    Example (original email):


    Your request for [PrincipalClient.Username/] concerning [Description/] is due for [DueDate/].

    For more information please refer to request number [FormattedSequenceNumber/]


    Engineering Support, EAST
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

    "EAST" is tagged to the signature to specify which part of the country the Engineering Support team handles, as we have four support teams. Should the signature read: 'Engineering Support (East)', or should "East" be written in lower case, or is it fine the way it's written in the example above?

    Also, I think there should be a comma after "For more information", am I wrong?

    Thanks for any input you can give me, I really appreciate it.

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    Re: Email signature

    I think your version with the brackets works better than the version in capitals.

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    Re: Email signature

    If it's all in capitals, I am going to think it is some acronym.

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