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    Past perfect and past problem.

    I saw sentences in news artilces.
    A: 'They didn't pay what they have promised' <- Is this correct?
    I think it should be written like this ; 'They didn't pay what they had promised' Because 'Promising' happended prior to 'Paying'
    If they A is correct, what is the meaning? It means 'Their promise is still valid'?

    B: He was treated at a local hospital for injuries and had been released Sunday night.
    Well, 'being treated' comes first and then 'being released' afterwards. How 'had been' can be used at this sentence?

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    Re: Past perfect and past problem.

    A- I would not use it. I would use your version or They haven't paid what they promised, depending on the timing.
    B- Again, I would not use it.

    Where do these sentences come from? Online news is written in a hurry and errors creep in because speed is so important, so checking takes place at a slower place. The texts in many news sites changes over time- they get an article up to be ahead of their rivals, and then start looking more closely at it.

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