Dear A.S.T.E.C. Administrates,

I write this letter to propose a t-shirt idea for the 2015-16 freshman. As of the school year of 2014-15, the Seniors have a t-shirt to wear on Fridays. The current 8th graders were wondering if we could do the same. But in the past no freshman class has a t-shirt. I also asked teachers if the idea was worth proposing and the response I got was the concern of Freshman not following the rules given the privilege to wearing the t- shirts.
The solution I have to the teachers response is the administrator giving us a certain amount of chances we get until the t-shirts are no longer a part of the school uniform.
So I'm proposing the idea of letting the 2015-16 Freshman class wear school approved t-shirts to show our pride for the school.
As I asked around the current 8th grade, they all agreed if we are given the opportunity to wear Freshman t-shirts, we will obey the rules that come with it. Meaning if we are required to have our shirts tucked in, then we will obey the rules given this opportunity.
As I was designing the t-shirt it will be $9.55 each. The procedure we will take is to ask a teacher to help you keep track of orders and money. We will not use any money from the school. The money will come from the students. We will put orders in by weekly. Therefore, the students will have many opportunities to purchase a Freshman t-shirts.