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    Dear teachers,

    Would somebody please help me with my sentences?

    Currently, I am working on the quality of pharmaceutical advertisements
    in the medical journals. I am very interested in getting some information about how pharmaceutical advertisements are monitored in your country.It would be great if you can provide me with some relevant information such as how this type of ads is monitored and is there any regulation or guidelines that the companies should follow or adhere?



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    Re: Information

    in the medical journals- I'd drop the article- the article implies all journals to me, unless you have defined the group somewhere prior to this
    It would be great- informal- I'd use I would be very grateful if...'
    this type of ads is monitored- such advertisements are monitored
    is there any- and whether there are any regulations or guidelines that... adhere to )tyhough I think 'follow' is enough)

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