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    Structure: Verb + object + adjective

    Can you explain this structure to me?

    I find him kind of pretty.

    And what other verbs can be used like that?

    By the way, concerning "want" verb, I'm wondering if which of these sentences are corect.

    1. I want it better.
    2. I want it to be better.
    3. I want him did it.
    4. I want him to have done that.
    5. I wanted he done that.
    6. I wanted he to have done that.
    7. I want him doing better.
    8. I want him do it.
    9. I want kissing = I want to be kissed ?

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    Re: Structure: Verb + object + adjective

    Quote Originally Posted by Davis Emma View Post

    I find him kind of pretty.

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Davis Emma:

    I think that I know what you are looking for.

    For the sake of analysis, let's simplify your sentence to: "I find him handsome."

    I = the subject.
    find = the verb.
    him = the object of the verb.
    handsome = objective complement.

    a. "Complement" comes from the word for "to complete."
    b. If you told someone that "I find him," no one would understand. So you need to COMPLETE the meaning of the object "him."
    c. In other words: "I find him to be handsome." (Now we can put "kind of" back into the sentence: "I find him kind of (= rather) handsome." )


    Here are a few more examples from one of my favorite books:

    1. "The gift made her happy."
    2. "She wrung the clothes dry."
    3. "We consider the man honest."

    -- Walter Kay Smart, English Review Grammar (copyright 1940, 1953, 1958, 1959, 1968).

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