Here is a general scholarship essay I will be handing in to multiple committees.

Any tips?

Dear scholarship selection committee,

Ever since arriving to Canada at the age of seven, my parents instilled into me strong work habits and a desire to succeed. Neither of my parents attended college, so high-level education holds unique value to me. As such, I hope to successfully complete my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, become a civil engineer, and later build a comfortable life for myself and my family.
As a Chinese immigrant who comes from a poor financial background, the idea of fulfilling my family's dream for prosperity inspires me to love education and make the best of every opportunity that arises. With regards to extracurricular activities, I have done so by participating in Student Council and its events, writing club, Youth Revolution, volunteering opportunities at Dinsdale residential homes, and even ran Vincent's own chess club. Athletically, I am a four-year badminton team member, and competed in almost all of its tournaments. Being consistently involved in school and community activities has molded me into a well-rounded character with developed advocacy and leadership skills, and love for badminton has toughened my mentality towards failure, as loss is inevitable in sport and life.
Academically, I have maintained a 95% average throughout my junior and senior years. My passion for learning has earned me academic awards in the past -- the Harold Pilling Award, Brandon School Division Proficiency Award, and John D. Adams Memorial Trophy, to name a few. A high average has also gotten me into some of Canada's top universities, which I am thoroughly grateful for.
However, admittance into university is one thing, and funding an attendance is another. Even with my parents love and sacrifice for my education, two Maple Leaf day jobs (even with countless over-time hours mixed in) only dents skyrocketing student fees. I have done my part to financially supplement my college fund by working full time through summers, but it is simply not enough. This is why the ___________________ Scholarship will provide maximum benefit for me to see my university aspirations through and ultimately make my parents proud.

Every penny of your scholarship is a stepping stone towards achieving my goals in civil engineering. If selected, I will continue making education and community an essential part of my lifestyle.

Thank you for your consideration.


Run Ming Liao