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Thread: Go Into/Enter

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    Go Into/Enter

    I have a question about the usage of "go into" and "enter". It seems that one can write these:

    1a. "He went into politics."
    1b. "He went into this profession."
    1c. "He entered politics."
    1d. "He entered this profession."

    as standard English. But then, I found these on the web:

    2a. "He went into the Army."
    2b. "He entered the Army."
    2c. "He went into the armed forces."
    2d. "He entered the armed forces."

    The Army and armed forces are groups of people, not a profession like politics. Could the sentences 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d be wrong?

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    Re: Go Into/Enter

    No. Why should they be wrong?
    3a. "He entered a room."
    3b. "He went into a room."
    Rooms aren't professions either. But what of that?
    Incidentally, there are those who would argue that the Army, or the armed forces is a profession - perhaps not like politics, but a profession nonetheless.

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