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Thread: Wide humanity

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    Wide humanity


    Can anybody explain to me in what sense the wide humanity is used in the context?

    "He walked up to the bar ... He had to wait a moment for his turn ... He saw the reflection of his face in a little glass erection that contained cigarettes and chocolate. He had thought upon the place at whiles affectionately. He had vaguely counted upon getting what he used to get out of the homely reek of smoke, the steady hum of talk, the winking rows of bottles on the shelves, the popping corks, the chaff, the wide humanity."

    John Metcalfe, Convalescent, 1927

    Thank you

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    Re: Wide humanity

    I guess it means all the social and psychological benefits we get from our public interactions with other people. He had been missing those while he was a convalescent.

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